Tanz Körper Erweiterung
"stretching the physicality of dance"

Conference – 23./24. August 2017 – Uferstudios Berlin


Organized by tanzfähig and the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland in cooperation with the Inter-University Center for Dance Berlin

Beyond expectation:

What does it mean for contemporary dance when other physicalities are added? Physicalities of people with disability, older people, with other cultural experiences?

"Stretching the Physicality of Dance" invites everyone who is looking for possibilities to expand traditional dance bodies, and those who are already addressing the issue. The conference offers them the opportunity to present their ideas, explore their questions, discuss with others and let others inspire them to new things. 

Developing dance from diversity: what is the artistic benefit? What is its relevance for technique and virtuousity? How can one teach given the difference in bodies? Dancers, choreographers, teachers, scientists, among others, will all contribute what they have experienced, researched and understood. Work groups with project examples then expand on this exchange. 

The conference is directed towards people interested in dance of any age. Pre-experience in dance, cultural influences or disability of all kinds are not required, but welcome.

Theory is expanded in practice. Directly after the conference, the international workshop festival MeetShareDance 2017 will take place in Berlin. www.meetsharedance.com