Tanz Körper Erweiterung
"stretching the physicality of dance"

Conference – 23./24. August 2017 – Uferstudios Berlin


Organized by tanzfähig and the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland in cooperation with the Inter-University Center for Dance Berlin

About the Conference

The conference aimed to stimulate debate and broaden perception on contemporary dance and disability in Germany and beyond. It is one of the events which take place in the context of the EU project Moving Beyond Inclusion. The Berlin based initiative tanzfähig is the German partner of the EU project whose lead partner is the internationally renowned compagny Candoco from London. 

More: www.tanz­faehig­moving­beyond­inclusion.­wordpress.com

With presentations from the Moving Beyond Inclusion partners on their own work and with further contributions from other external professionals, the programme reflected on the artistic possibilities that dance with diverse physicalities offers. It included lectures, workshops, plenary discussions, panels and a forum where participants of the congress were invited to present their own projects in short form.

The conference’s languages were German, English and German sign language (each with simultaneous translation). The venue was accessible for wheelchair users.